Underground Storage Tank (UST) Closure/Removal

For over 30 years Northstar Environmental Services established an exceptional reputation for safe, efficient and cost-effective UST management. We have experienced professionals licensed by the NJDEP for Underground Storage Tank (UST) closure and subsurface evaluation. Our extensive experience with various remedial technologies and thorough working knowledge of federal and NJDEP regulations allow us to achieve environmental compliance quickly and economically, while minimizing disruption to your business or home. Northstar Environmental Services has safely and successfully completed hundreds of UST closure/abandonment projects for residential, commercial and industrial clients.

Underground Storage Tank Removal Includes:

  • UHOT PUST Grant application assistance
  • Removal and proper disposal of liquid waste from the tank
  • Cleaning the tank interior and monitoring the lower explosive level (LEL) of tank and surrounding areas before removal
  • Excavation and removal of subsurface structure
  • Use of non-sparking tools/techniques for gasoline USTs
  • Proper manifesting of disposed waste
  • Filing appropriate reports to local and state agencies