Structural Services

Helical Piers – are structural supports that attach to a foundation or utility in order to support the structure while excavating near or underneath it to stabilize the structure and not compromise the integrity. Helical piles/piers have the built-in advantage of rapid installation with small equipment, immediate loading capabilities and cost efficiency. Northstar Environmental Services installs helical piers for new commercial structures or to provide anchoring for compromised foundations, pre and post remediation activities.

Why Helical Piers?

Residential and commercial helical pier installation can be performed quickly providing a firm foundation for the lifetime of a building. They are a great alternative to the traditional concrete caissons for new construction applications. Northstar Environmental Services offers helical pier installation throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware.
  • Year-round installation
  • Installation from inside or outside the structure
  • Stabilized both light and heavy structures
  • Below-grade solution not visible
    after installation is complete
  • Limited ground disturbance