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Underground Storage Tank (UST) Closure/Removal

Over the past 30 years Northstar Environmental has established an exceptional reputation for safe, efficient and cost-effective UST management.  We have experienced professionals licensed by the NJDEP for Underground Storage Tank (UST) closure and subsurface evaluation.  Our extensive experience with various remedial technologies and thorough working knowledge of federal and NJDEP regulations allow us to achieve environmental compliance quickly and economically, while minimizing disruption to your business or home.


Underground Storage Tank Removal Includes:

* Removal and proper disposal of liquid waste from the tank

* Cleaning the tank interior and monitoring the lower explosive level (LEL) of tank and surrounding
  areas before removal.

* Excavation and removal of subsurface structure

* Proper manifesting of disposed waste

* Collection of soil samples from excavation and associated piping

* Backfilling with compaction

* Filing appropriate reports to local and state agencies



Emergency Response

Northstar Environmental provides 24-hour emergency response services for all marine and landside incidents.  Whether it’s a hazardous material or an oil spill, our emergency response teams are thoroughly trained and have the specialized equipment necessary to effectively and efficiently manage complex emergency environmental situations. The Northstar Environmental team can be mobilized quickly to respond to incidents throughout the mid-Atlantic and Northeastern United States.


As with planned events, Northstar Environmental approaches all emergency situations with an emphasis on safety, both for our crews and the surrounding community.  We work closely with federal, state and local governments to quickly assess emergency situations, and determine the best course of action to minimize the spread of contamination and stabilize the site.  Our commitment to safety benefits our clients through increased productivity and improved cost control. Northstar Environmental employees bring this commitment to their workplace each and every day.

Vacuum Truck And Drum Services

Vacuum trucks and trailers are a fundamental part of the environmental remediation services industry. Northstar has practical and cost-effective equipment options for different types of projects and product types, with varying capacities and capabilities. Our vacuum trucks and tankers are available in New Jersey, Delaware and Pennsylvania.


NES provides reliable and cost-effective drum management services utilizing the highest standard of health and safety.

NES turnkey services include waste profile collection, manifest/profiling services, loading, transport and disposal in accordance with local, state and federal regulations.





The Unregulated Heating Oil Tank Program (UHOT) allows pre-qualified environmental professionals to investigate and remediate certain low-risk unregulated heating oil tanks, including residential fuel oil underground storage tanks, with limited DEP oversight. Northstar Environmental has met the established criteria for this program and has been pre-qualified by the NJDEP by meeting their standards for education, experience and competency.


Northstar Environmental will provide an initial consultation free of charge and advise you of your options based on your specific situation.  We will then examine your unregulated heating oil tank and, after a detailed assessment, will complete the remediation and tank removal as per NJDEP regulations.  We will then complete all appropriate remediation documents, and work with you to submit all paperwork required by the NJDEP.


Structural Services

Helical Piers- are structural supports that attach to a foundation or utility in order to support the structure while excavating near or underneath it to stabilize the structure and not compromise the integrity.



Dewatering And Mobile Treatments

Dewatering- we install dewatering points to suppress the groundwater table either to remediate groundwater and/or to suppress the ground water level while excavating to obtain dry soil for transportation and disposal.


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