Project Experience

Project: British Petroleum (BP) Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Cleanup
Location: Gulf of Mexico
Duration: 6 Months

On April 20, 2010, the largest accidental marine oil spill in the history of the petroleum industry occurred 60 miles off the coast of Venice, Louisiana. The spill stemmed from a sea-floor oil gusher that resulted from the explosion of Deepwater Horizon, which drilled on the BP-operated Macondo Prospect. It is estimated that the spill released over 4.9 million barrels of crude oil, which affected the coastal regions and marine life along all of the states bordering the Gulf of Mexico.

Northstar Marine and Northstar Environmental played a major role in the clean-up efforts. Northstar was contracted by BP’s spill provider, National Response Corporation (NRC), as one of the first responders to the spill. Within days Northstar had crews on-site running skimmer ships, skimming oil off the surface of the Gulf and off-loading it onto barges. As the size of the spill increased, so did Northstar’s role within the cleanup. In addition to skimming oil, Northstar operated and managed coastal-based deacon barges and designated locations where they were responsible for cleaning oil off of large and small boats before they could go to port. Northstar had hundreds of resources on site and was in charge of half of the deacon stations involved in the cleanup. They also managed crews from smaller companies involved in the cleanup. Northstar crews worked in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida and were involved in the cleanup through October of 2010.



Project: Marine Oil Spill Containment and Cleanup
Location: Delaware River
Duration: 6 Months

As one of the primary contractors for Marine Operations, Northstar Environmental Services and Northstar Marine played a key role in the containment and cleanup of the Motor Tanker Athos I oil spill. On November 26, 2004, the 750 foot single-hull Motor Tanker Athos I was reported to be leaking oil into the Delaware River. It was estimated that the Athos I lost over 265,000 gallons of Heavy Venezuelan Crude Oil, which impacted over 50 miles of shoreline along the Delaware River.

Northstar Environmental Services and Northstar Marine were contracted by the National Response Center (NRC) as one of the first responders to the spill. Within twelve hours Northstar had men and equipment on site to start the containment and cleanup process.  As a primary contractor Northstar supplied boats, barges, boom, cranes, vacuum trucks, dump trucks, tractors and trailers, absorbent products, personal protection equipment and manpower.  An estimated 84,020 gallons of oil and oily liquid and 18,178 gallons of submerged oil were recovered, and another 7,812 tons of oily solids were collected. Our extensive experience in environmental and maritime services made us a logical choice as a primary contractor for such a catastrophe. Northstar remained on scene for six months until the decision was made by the Department of Environmental Protection and The United States Coast Guard that no further cleanup efforts were necessary.



Project: Emergency Response, Site Remediation, Ground Water Treatment, Dewatering
Location: Burlington County, New Jersey
Duration: 4 months

Northstar Environmental Services was contracted for emergency spill response and cleanup when 9,000 gallons of gasoline was released from an overturned fuel transportation truck. The project required immediate attention, as the spill was adjacent to a day care facility, in an environmentally sensitive location (NJ Pinelands) and in a high traffic area.

Northstar performed standard site remediation and cleanup and constructed a 34-point sump system to collect free-product. Water was passed through a unique on-site dewatering system consisting of two 21,000-gallon tanks, bag filters and carbon units to remove contaminents. The water was tested before it was discharged to a holding area and then eventually returned to the aquafer.  Northstar treated and discharged approximately 120,000-gallons of water during the excavation and dewatering activities, and approximately 5,210-tons of impacted soil was removed, transported and disposed of at several permitted disposal facilities.



Project: Site Remediation and Dewatering
Location: Gloucester County, New Jersey
Duration: 12 months

In July of 2008, Northstar Environmental Services was contracted by a private client to respond to an emergency hydraulic oil spill remediation that occurred when a series of waste receptacle vehicles caught fire. During this remediation strong odors were encountered emanating from a second unrelated source, suspected to be gasoline.

Northstar Environmental first collected background soil samples for laboratory analyses, which determined the impacted soil requiring remediation. Soil remediation services were then conducted by traditional soil excavation activities utilizing specialized dewatering equipment and long-reach excavators to remove the impacted soil. The excavation site was approximately 74’ long x 44’ wide x 23’ below ground surface (bgs).  A total of 5,080 tons of impacted soil was removed and transported for disposal at a NJDEP licensed facility. Northstar also utilized a dewatering pump, sump and manifold system to remove any residual or free-product encountered during the remedial action activities. A total of 143,340 gallons of impacted ground water were removed from the subsurface into holding tanks and vacuum trucks. The impacted ground water was transported to a NJDEP approved recycling facility.

After project completion, excavation soil and ground water samples were taken and submitted for analysis. After soil and water samples were found to meet NJDEP standards the site was backfilled with approximately 5,120 tons of certified clean-fill sand and 700 tons of stone.



Project: Environmental Consulting, Dive Services
Location: Poughkeepsie, NY (Hudson River Valley)
Duration: 1 Month

Northstar Marine’s dive services were subcontracted for an environmental test study being conducted at a closed power plant in Poughkeepsie, NY, located on the Hudson River. When in operation the plant produced a by-product sediment consisting of NAPL (manufactured gas plant coal tar) and aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH’s). This substance had accumulated in the surrounding riverbed and was being released into the water in the form of a slick. As a result Agate Construction was contracted to lay stone filled Geo Grid Mats designed to absorb the coal tar product in a 100’x100’ test area.

Northstar provided all dive services for the project.  After rough positioning was done with sonar and marker buoys on the river bottom, the Northstar divers entered the water and directed any necessary repositioning using two-way communication. The final positioning was determined once the divers checked and measured to determine the Geo Grid Mat was within given tolerances. The divers used surface supplied air and were working in approximately 60’ of water, in water temperatures between 40 and 55 degrees, with a visibility of approximately 6 inches to 2 feet in currents averaging 1 ½ to 5 knots. If the Geo Mat system is found to be effective, Northstar will be contracted to assist in this innovative technology for the capping of the impacted sediment in several acres of the Hudson River.



Project: Confidential Utility Client
Location: Monmouth County, NJ
Duration: 12 Months

Northstar Environmental Services (NES) responded to an unknown petroleum discharge entering into an open excavation of an infrastructure project.  At the time, NES was contracted to provide consulting and contracting services to obtain an emergency permit through the NJDEP to dewater, treat and discharge groundwater collected from the infrastructure operation to a local waterway.  NES was then retained to provide LSRP compliance services and to investigate the cause of the unknown source impacting soil and ground water.  The spill was then determined to be migrating from a 5,000-gallon UST.

Northstar Environmental completed the following operation in order to apply for case closure:

  • OSC Permitting;
  • Operation and maintenance of a mobile ground water treatment system;
  • UST compliance and closure activities;
  • Dewatering and soil disposal management of 1,500-tons of impacted soil;
  • Structural sheet pile and helical pier installation of adjacent property owners and on-site structures;
  • Soft dig operations around high powered electrical vaults and lines and high pressure water mains in the excavation area; and
  • Compliance reporting under the NJDEP SRRA LSRP oversight.



Project: Confidential Superfund Site
Location: Northern NJ
Duration: 1 Month

Northstar Environmental Services (NES) responded to an emergency response cleanup of a Superfund Site located in northern New Jersey that was affected by Hurricane Irene.  The Site is located within a flood plain and was affected by heavy rainfall and flooding that occurred throughout most of the northeast.  NES mobilized and supplied labor, equipment and material to the Site within hours of notification.

Northstar Environmental completed the following operation:

  • Provided a team of OSHA trained technicians for drum recovery operations
  • Provided labor to excavate and containerize tar balls located in a densely vegetated area
  • Provided excavators, loaders, work boats, light towers and stands, generators, Level C & D PPE, confined space and respiratory fit tested personnel to complete EPA driven actions
  • Performed services 7-days a week for 4 weeks