Project: Emergency Response, Site Remediation, Ground Water Treatment, Dewatering
Location: Burlington County, New Jersey
Duration: 4 months

Northstar Environmental Services was contracted for emergency spill response and cleanup when 9,000 gallons of gasoline was released from an overturned fuel transportation truck. The project required immediate attention, as the spill was adjacent to a day care facility, in an environmentally sensitive location (NJ Pinelands) and in a high traffic area.

Northstar performed standard site remediation and cleanup and constructed a 34-point sump system to collect free-product. Water was passed through a unique on-site dewatering system consisting of two 21,000-gallon tanks, bag filters and carbon units to remove contaminents. The water was tested before it was discharged to a holding area and then eventually returned to the aquafer.  Northstar treated and discharged approximately 120,000-gallons of water during the excavation and dewatering activities, and approximately 5,210-tons of impacted soil was removed, transported and disposed of at several permitted disposal facilities.