Project: Site Remediation and Dewatering
Location: Gloucester County, New Jersey
Duration: 12 months

In July of 2008, Northstar Environmental Services was contracted by a private client to respond to an emergency hydraulic oil spill remediation that occurred when a series of waste receptacle vehicles caught fire. During this remediation strong odors were encountered emanating from a second unrelated source, suspected to be gasoline.

Northstar Environmental first collected background soil samples for laboratory analyses, which determined the impacted soil requiring remediation. Soil remediation services were then conducted by traditional soil excavation activities utilizing specialized dewatering equipment and long-reach excavators to remove the impacted soil. The excavation site was approximately 74’ long x 44’ wide x 23’ below ground surface (bgs).  A total of 5,080 tons of impacted soil was removed and transported for disposal at a NJDEP licensed facility. Northstar also utilized a dewatering pump, sump and manifold system to remove any residual or free-product encountered during the remedial action activities. A total of 143,340 gallons of impacted ground water were removed from the subsurface into holding tanks and vacuum trucks. The impacted ground water was transported to a NJDEP approved recycling facility.

After project completion, excavation soil and ground water samples were taken and submitted for analysis. After soil and water samples were found to meet NJDEP standards the site was backfilled with approximately 5,120 tons of certified clean-fill sand and 700 tons of stone.