Emergency Response

Northstar Environmental Services provides 24-hour emergency response services for all land and marine locations throughout the Tri-State Area. Our emergency response teams are thoroughly trained and have the specialized equipment necessary to effectively and efficiently manage complex emergency environmental situations. The Northstar Environmental Services team can be mobilized quickly to respond to incidents throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern United States.

As with planned events, Northstar Environmental Services approaches all emergency situations with an emphasis on safety, both for our crews and the surrounding community. We work closely with federal, state and local governments to quickly assess emergency situations, and determine the best course of action to minimize the spread of contamination and stabilize the site. Our commitment to safety benefits our clients through increased productivity and improved cost control. Efficient remediation resulting of spilled petroleum is contingent on a rapid, well managed response. Northstar Environmental Services specialize in homeowner unregulated heating oil tank spills and sudden loss of fuel, and we assist homeowners in liaising with local, county, and state emergency responders and with grant reimbursement applications.

Our emergency response remediation services include:
  • Cease, control and extract unexpected heating oil releases
  • Removal contaminated soils and extraction of free-product/ground water
  • Pressure washing of Basement Oil Spill Clean ups
  • Emergency Permitting
  • Groundwater sampling and testing
  • Soil sampling and testing
  • Site Restoration